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Rockfall Mitigation

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In recent years, however, the widening of existing roads and the opening of new roads and highways must accommodate modern transportation demands. For this reason we are faced with the problems of protecting the road side from rock slides in a safe and efficient manner.

Rockfall mitigation netting is ideally suited for difficult solutions to rock face problems, since the double-twist, hexagonal-woven mesh does not unravel when wires abrade. Fractured stones are trapped and confined against the slope should isolated wires fatigue from prolonged stress. Additionally, this double-twisted hexagonal type of netting has the high mechanical resistance required to prevent the danger of sudden rock shock loads and dissipate rock fall energy created from loose fractured rock.

Rockfall mitigation netting is available galvanized or galvanized with PVC coated. For custom orders only, the PVC may be available in different colors, such as gray, black, brown and tan.

Rockfall Mitigation Rockfall Mitigation
Rockfall Mitigation Rockfall Mitigation
Rockfall Mitigation Rockfall Mitigation
Rockfall Mitigation Rockfall Mitigation

Advantages of Rockfall Mitigation Netting

Ease of construction,Low cost,Easily Vegetated,Free Draining,Flexibility


Mesh does not unravel if one of the wires should fail

High tension and punching stress resistance

Maximum continunity at joints without the need to overlap mesh panels


Our rockfall mitigation netting provides essential protection where the continuous erosion of slopes and rockfaces where loose debris and falling rock may create a risk to lives and property.The mesh does not secure loose debris in place but rather retains it between the slope and the mesh, allowing it roll to the foot of the slope without risk of injury or damage.Rockfall netting is unrolled. or "draped," over the slope and secured with anchor bolts. Over time, rocks and debris will fall to the foot of the slope behind the steel mesh drapery. Rocks can then be collected in a trench of suitable dimensions, at the foot of the slope.

Double twisted rockfall netting is used as a drapery system to prevent rockfall and debris from falling onto roads, railways or where there is a possibility of loss of property or life. The main advantages over other types of mesh are the features of flexibility, non-raveling design, superior corrosion resistance and unique mechanical characteristics. Due to the characteristics of the double twist, the mesh can withstand the force of the falling rocks without unravelling in the event of wire breakage.

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.