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Road Mesh

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Road mesh is also called mesh track. It can be used to rebuild the broken road, and keep roads in an optimum condition over a minimum of 10 years, even on a limited budget.

Road mesh is used to prevent and reduce crack reflection, asphalt fatigue, and surface rutting on existing or new asphalt pavement. The steel mesh is incorporated within the asphalt layer to provide an extra reinforcement to the pavement. Road mesh is placed on a prepared surface of existing concrete or asphalt, newly placed hot mastic asphalt or one recently milled. It is deployed so that the curvature of the mesh is in contact with the road surface.

Road mesh is a unique bi-directional high strength steel reinforcement used in new or rehabilitated asphalt pavements to provide solutions for reflective cracking, asphalt fatigue and surface rutting.It is proven to help increase the duration of maintenance cycles in asphalt pavements around the world. It is manufactured from double twist hexagonal woven wire mesh with a transverse rod woven into the mesh.

Road mesh that our company manufactured is supplied in roll and the lengths is 25 m to 50 m. The roll dimension varies depending on the width and length of road mesh. Road mesh offers high tensile strength at low strain, together with a geometry that provides excellent aggregate interlock to optimize load transfer and shear resistance.


Road mesh is manufactured from galvanized wire and galfan wire (95% zinc-5% aluminium and 90% zinc-10% aluminium ).

Road Mesh Road Mesh
Road Mesh Road Mesh

Specifications of Road Mesh:

Woven mesh wire diameter: 2.0mm~4.0mm

Reinforcement wire diameter: 4.0mm~5.0mm

Opening: 60x80mm,80x100mm,100x120mm,120x150mm

Customized specifications are acceptable.

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.