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Coastal Protection

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Coastal Protection
Coastal Protection
Coastal Protection

Gabion is a geotextile container used for building coastal and river structures for erosion protection; dewatering a wide variety of wet slurries, wastes, and sludges; and containing, dewatering and reusing dredged material. Gabion products are small, highly UV resistant sand-colored geotextile containers filled either hydraulically or mechanically with sand and utilized in lieu of stone, concrete, or other hardened armor systems to protect coastlines.

Coastal Protection are an ideal, environmentally sensitive solution for many geotechnical, erosion control, stream bank stabilization and channel lining applications. Gabion structures is an important aspect of how a gabion structure restores the environment back to natural conditions once construction works are complete. Gabion products and solutions have been developed specifically for coastal protection. Their use as an ideal solution for these applications has grown over the years due to the numerous advantages and ease of implementation both from the design and construction perspectives.

Gabion Solution for Coastal Protection

Revetments - to protect against erosion of shoreline adjacent to existing buildings.

Groins - installed perpendicular to and extending out from beaches to restore or protect beaches.

Breakwaters - installed parallel to beaches offshore to restore or protect beaches.

Dikes - constructed to form a containment area in which to pump dredge spoils and can also be used for land creation.

Dune Cores - to construct an artificial dune that will subsequently be covered and revegetated.

Reefs - installed offshore to replace natural reefs.


Gabions offer maximum versatility and ease of use for all your dewatering needs. They are a cost-effective alternative to the belt press method of dewatering sludge and eliminate the need for expensive capital expenditures for equipment. By using gabion containers for dewatering, you can increase the efficiency and reduce dewatering time.


Dredged material can be easily contained and disposed of, or reused. Placing and constructing geotextile containers is simple and cost effective with minimal impact on the environment. Plus, the extremely strong, high-strength woven geotextile fabric provides increased confidence in material containment.

Advantages of Gabion Solution for Coastal Protection

Standard design methods

Ease of implementation

Ecology & Environment





Bio-Engineering capabilities


Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.