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Slope Revetmen

TAG: Rockfall Protection, Coastal Protection, Road Mesh

Gabions and Reno mattresses are commonly designed and constructed in a wide variety of configurations to provide long term slope protection solutions. Gabion and reno mattress slope protection design solutions can prevent soil erosion and scour, provides bio-engineering opportunities for surface vegetation, and/or stabilizes the slope against lateral earth pressure. The design engineer must consider the existing soil conditions, gradient of slope, applied loads, hydraulic impact, shear, and other factors when choosing the appropriate slope protection solution.

Gabion products provide permanent erosion protection on upland slopes, streambanks, wetland boundaries and shorelines. These turf reinforcement mats provide a stable medium to encourage natural colonization and support healthy plant growth. The mat is a reinforced matrix designed for permanent and critical applications. Gabion provides sufficient strength and void space so that root systems can develop through the matrix. Meantime Reno mattresses are also used as a revetment to prevent erosion. Reno mattresses are made of 6x8 meshes that can be filled with smaller rock than the gabions.

Slope Revetmen Slope Revetmen
Slope Revetmen Slope Revetmen
Slope Revetmen
Slope Revetmen
Slope Revetmen
Slope Revetmen

Advantages of Gabion or Reno Mattress Slope Protection

Standard design methods

Ease of construction

Low cost

Easily Vegetated

Free Draining



Roughness Coefficient

Mattress Slope Protection

Slope Angle: 2h:1v or less

Solution: Standard reno or gabion mattress slope protection

Slope width: 3’-36’

Minimum Soil Requirements of existing slope:

Required internal friction angle of soil minimum 26 degrees.

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.