Coastal Protection
Coastal Protection are an ideal, environmentally sensitive solution for many geotechnical, erosion control, stream bank stabilization and channel lining applications.
Waterlogs are rolls of coir (coconut husk) fiber, bound together with a woven coir netting used for streambank stabilization and shoreline protection on low energy flows.They are 100% natural and biodegradable.
Retaining Walls
Retaining wall is a mechanically stabilized earth wall using gabion facing with a continuous mesh that forms the reinforcement and the facing element in one unit. It is best used for commercial, industrial, road projects, erosion control, and bank stabilization.
Roads and Pavements
Roads and Pavements is used to prevent and reduce crack reflection, asphalt fatigue, and surface rutting on existing or new asphalt pavement. The steel mesh is incorporated within the asphalt layer to provide an extra reinforcement to the pavement.
Slope Revetmen
These turf reinforcement mats provide a stable medium to encourage natural colonization and support healthy plant growth. The mat is a reinforced matrix designed for permanent and critical applications.
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